Denise Adams

Proprietor, Chateau Fonplegade (St. Emilion, France) and ADAMVS (Napa Valley)
As a life long supporter of the arts and education, Denise Adams has served on numerous boards, and as a trustee for several academic institutions.   Her current positions as an advisory board member includes the Yale Center for Faith and Culture - Yale University Divinity School, and the Yale School of Music - Yale University.  She is a past Trustee of the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Connecticut, and of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, where she was also a board member on the college’s Art Council.
A native of Ohio, Denise earned an undergraduate degree in art history and art education from Kent State University, and an MFA from Western Connecticut University.  After teaching art for several years, she established a successful design company in partnership with a leading architect firm.  In the years since, she has applied her experience as an artist, a lifelong organic gardener, and a businesswoman to her role as the proprietor of Chateau Fonplegade in Saint-Emilion and ADAMVS in Napa Valley, both of which she is engaged full time.
Denise is also the Director of the Denise and Stephen Adams Foundation, which primarily supports art, music and education programs through scholarships and endowments, both in the United States and abroad.  She divides her time between Connecticut, Napa Valley and Saint-Emilion.  Denise is a member of Black Rock Congregational Church in Fairfield, CT.