Adolescent Faith & Flourishing

The Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Program seeks to advance authentic human flourishing among youth by drawing on the theological insights developed by the Center’s God and Human Flourishing Program to enhance and support transformative Christian youth ministries.

By gathering together religious, academic, and youth ministry leaders, the Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Program will contribute to the application of a revised definition of human flourishing to adolescent life.

The Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Program is a partnership between scholars at Yale University and practitioners within the Youth Ministry Initiative. It was developed by Skip Masback, managing director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture; Miroslav Volf, the Center’s director; and Yale Divinity School Dean Gregory Sterling. 

The young are arguably both the segment of our population whose flourishing is most subverted by our culture’s obsession with maximizing experientially satisfying living and the segment of our population most open to embracing a revised account of human flourishing as they grow into their own responsibilities as citizens, parents, and leaders.

At the same time as we seek to meet the needs of our youth, youth culture is an important indicator of future cultural trends, and studying that culture can contribute significantly to the endeavor of formulating adequate accounts of human flourishing for all ages. Consequently, the AFFP will not only draw on GHF research, but also contribute to it, towards the ultimate goal of advancing authentic human flourishing among youth by enhancing and supporting transformative Christian youth ministries. 

As part of this mission, the AFFP created “Youth Ministry: Now”, a series of plenary lecture sessions with leading youth ministry scholars, and an opportunity for students to engage with thriving youth ministries. Since 2012, Youth Ministry: Now has hosted sessions for clergy and lay leaders on the best practices of youth ministry. Additional details are available at

To learn more about this program, please contact Skip Masback at or Sarah Farmer at

Skip Masback’s article “The Twin Calamities” in Yale Divinity School’s Reflections Magazine.

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