Yale Youth Ministry Institute Lectures

Yale Youth Ministry Institute Lectures

2016-2017 Lunch and Lecture Series

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2016 Summer Session – Nurturing Joy and Flourishing in the Midst of Adversity

This weeklong course is designed for pastors, seminarians, lay leaders, and youth ministers. We will gather for evening fellowship dinners, lectures, and workshop breakouts to name, explore, and discuss concrete ways to respond to adversities youth face in order to nurture the foundations of joyful, flourishing lives. Yale Divinity School’s standard charge for a Summer Study course is $400. The Youth Ministry Initiative is providing each registrant for this program a $350 scholarship, reducing the tuition for each registrant to $50 for the entire week-long program.

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2016 Lunch and Lecture Series

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Dr. Amanda Drury, “Inside Jokes in an Outside World

Dr. Rodger Nishioka, “Resilience and Joy: Helping Adolescents Bounce Back in the Face of Adversity

Dr. Frederick Edie, “Youth, Christian Worship, and Joy: Deeper Soundings

Dr. David White, “The Fire that Burns at the Heart of Creation: Joy and Beauty as Foundations for Youth Ministry

Dr. Anne E. Streaty Wimberly, “The Courage to Hope: Empowering Adolescent Joy Amidst the Challenges of Life

2015 Summer Symposium

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The Rev. Aracelis Vazquez Haye and the Rev. Keith King, “Attracting and Training Lay Volunteers and Adopting Safe Church Practices”
The Rev. Skip Masback, “Nurturing Relational Bonds”
The Rev. Aracelis Vazquez Haye, “Cultivating Student Leadership”

2014-2015 Lunch and Lecture Series

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Dr. Evelyn Parker, “The Elephant in the Room: Conversations about Race with Youth”

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Rev. Dr. David C. Mahan, “The Youth Minister as [Cultural] Diagnostician”

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Tim Walsh, “Awareness, Prevention and Empowerment: A Discussion on the Role of Ministry & Teenage Substance Abuse”

Dr. Matt Croasmun, “Engaging Music in Youth Ministry”

The Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel, “Rigorous, Reasonable, and Real: Youth Ministry”

Dr. Nadja Reilly and Kate Hyde, “Nurturing the Emotional Lives of Adolescents: Identifying and Ministering to Youth at Risk for Depression”

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Dr. Anne E. Streaty Wimberly, “Building Bridges of Hope: The Church’s Role in Reaching Disconnected Black Youth”

2014 Summer Symposium

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Dr. Anne E. Streaty Wimberly, “Keep It Real: Demands and Promises of Ministry with Black Youth

Dr. Evelyn Parker, “Tending the Sacred Souls of Teenage Girls

Dr. Mark R. Gornik, Dr. Janice A. McLean-Farrell, Dean Maria Liu Wong, “The Next Generation: Practicing Youth Ministry in the Global City

Pastors Rebecca and Jorge Gonzalez, “Mining Potential in Latino Youth: Lessons Learned From Serving Youth in an Urban, Cultural Context

Dr. Gregory C. Ellison, II, “Cut Dead But Still Alive: Caring for African American Young Men


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Dr. Chap Clark, “Beyond Hurt 2.0: Sticky Faith and Other Ways to Love Kids”

Rev. Harold “Skip” Masback, III, “The Arc of a Year: How Mission Drives a Youth Group Program Schedule”

Dr. Andrew Root, “The Children of Divorce: Interpreting the Experience of Divorce for Youth Ministry and the Church”

Dr. David White, “Participating with God: Missional Practices for Youth Ministry”

Dr. Rodger Nishioka, “Youth Ministry and Technology

Mark DeVries, “Sustainable Youth Ministry

Dr. Yolanda Smith, “Exploring the Bible with Contemporary Youth

2013 Summer Symposium

Dr. Chap Clark, “Thriving in a World of Hurt”

Dr. Miroslav Volf, “Life Worth Living”

Dr. Rodger Nishioka, “Youth Ministry as Congregational Ministry”

Dr. Yolanda Smith, “Movement as Embodied Worship”

Dr. David White, “Practicing a Theology of Youth, Spirit and Vocation”


Dr. Andrew Root, “Ministering to Youth Growing Up in a Screen-Based World”

Dr. Rodger Nishioka, “Bible Study that Transforms”

Rev. Harold “Skip” Masback, III, “Transformation Through Pilgrimage- Planning and Leading Mission Trips that Build More than Houses”

Dr. Roland Martinson, “Kids Need More than Each Other and a Pied Piper”

The Rev. Michael A. Bird, “Nurturing Spiritual Habits with Youth”

Dr. Andrew Root, “Talking about Sin with Young People”

The Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Troeger, “Preaching Across the Generations”

2011-12 Berkeley Colloquium 

Dr. Andrew Root, “Relationships Unfiltered: Youth Ministry Re-imagined” 

Dr. Miroslav Volf, “Human Flourishing”

Dr. Rodger Nishioka, “Beyond Soup Kitchens and Sardines”

Dr. Roland Martinson, “Youths’ Questions, Faith’s Stories, Christ’s Claims”

The Rev. Skip Masback, “Transformation through Pilgrimage”