Christ and the Good Life at YDS Summer Study

April 18, 2016
Yale Divinity School’s 2016 Summer Study will feature a condensed version of the Center’s Christ and the Good Life course. The weeklong course will run June 13-17, and is open for registration now. Summer Study classes are open to adults of any background, profession, or age.
Alongside the two series of consultations supported by the John Templeton Foundation’s Theology of Joy and the Good Life grant and the McDonald Agape Foundation, the Christ and the Good Life course is one of the pillars of the Center’s efforts to elaborate and communicate a vision of flourishing human life grounded in Christ. Like its YDS predecessor, the Summer Study will approach the good life from a distinctly Christian perspective, asking what it means for Christ to be the key to human existence.
Each class, students will be given readings from the Gospel of Luke paired with theological and secular texts that engage the same theme and frame each session’s questions as fundamental human questions. Instructors encourage students to engage these texts not just to understand the author’s viewpoint, but above all for the sake of a lively dialogue between the message of the text and their own lives, centered on the question, “How would my life have to change if I took this text to be saying something true?”
Session topics will likely include food, reputation, and suffering and death.
See what students have said about the YDS course: