Ryan McAnnally-Linz on Anger (Washington Post)

July 26, 2016

YCFC Associate Research Scholar and co-author with Miroslav Volf of Public Faith in Action, Ryan McAnnally-Linz, argues in the Washington Post, that it’s okay for Christians to be angry; what matters is what you do with that anger.

In a political atmosphere charged with rage, Christians are not called to resist the normal impulse to feel angry at so many provocations around us. But Christians are called to examine the objects of our anger critically and honestly. Christians are called to refrain from unjustly seeking vengeance on the ones we blame for our ills. Christians are called not to dwell in anger, but to move through it toward constructive action. Christians are called to respect even those with whom we are angry. If we heed these calls, we will lift up our anger to a higher purpose — and we will remain ready and willing to lay our anger down.

Check out the full piece over at the Washington Post.