Teaching Life Worth Living

May 15, 2016

Matt Croasmun, director of the Center’s Life Worth Living program, was interviewed recently on “The Teach Better Podcast,” a higher education pedagogy podcast hosted by Doug McKee (Associate Chair of the Economics Department at Yale) and Edward O’Neil (formerly of the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning).

The conversation provides a great overview of the pedagogy of the Center’s Life Worth Living courseHighlights of the conversation include:

  • The most important question of our lives? [5:01]
  • Teaching students to read charitably. [25:06]
  • Big-picture claims for the humanities: teaching interpretation is also teaching moral agency. [28:59]
  • Why teach the meaning of life? [39:29]
  • How many seminars have a “retreat”? [45:04]
  • Vernacular pedagogy and a moral vision of life: food as morality. [49:02]
  • Can scholarship really be life-changing? [59:24]
  • When is learning life-changing? [1:04:41]
  • Don’t observe: try it. Appreciating the day of rest. [1:09:09]
  • You can’t take a year off from life. [1:10:52]
  • Being in love with means and forgetting how to talk about ends: Elon Musk. [1:13:27]
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