Videos and resource material available on Life Worth Living Guests page

April 23, 2015

The YCFC website includes a new page about the guests to Yale College’s Life Worth Living course. Get a closer look into this remarkable educational experience through literature and other resource material made available there, including the video interviews displayed below.

Our guests are an essential part of the Life Worth Living course. They bring their personal experiences of the traditions they practice to the classroom, and offer our students unique insights into the ways their traditions interact with the most important questions of life.

On this new page, Life Worth Living guests are listed by the tradition they practice. Click on the links to each person’s profile to read brief biographies, find links to relevant background reading, and see video interviews that were produced during each guest’s visit. These materials are made available as the beginning of a larger collection of resources that the project is gathering, as a step toward its larger goal of building a movement of scholars, teachers, students, administrators, and citizens who are placing important questions of life’s meaning at the very heart of the cultural conversation.