John Hartley

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John Hartley is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at Yale University, a research fellow of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture and a junior fellow of the Center for Comparative Research, Initiative on Religion, Politics and Society, and Iranian Studies Initiative. John combines interpretive, historical and network-analytic approaches to the study of religious influence on political and social action. His research considers the influence of overlapping contexts of action on the leadership and communication of religiously influenced actors.  
John’s dissertation tentatively titled “Religious Exclusivists taking Inclusive Action” comparatively analyzes recent transnational relations between conservative Muslims and Christians in the US, Middle East and Southeast Asia. His dissertation uses historical, interview, survey and social network analysis to explore the interacting influence of theological belief, social location and politics on the public action of religious leaders. 
John’s other projects investigate the political communication of Iranian presidents at the United Nations, symbolic boundary formation in the international community, the limits of tolerance, and the role of regional “experts” in public diplomacy and discourse.
John holds a BA in International Relations from UC Davis (honors and special recognition), an MA in Iranian History (distinction) from the University of Isfahan, and MA and MPhil degrees from Yale.