Philip R. Love

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Managing Director
409 Prospect St, New Haven, CT 06511-2167

Phil Love joined the Yale Center for Faith and Culture as Managing Director in June, 2016, having served on the Center’s Advisory Board since 2012.

During his business career, Phil was CEO of Pryor Resources, Inc., a leading provider of business skills training. During his time there, the company experienced significant growth, producing as many as 20,000 seminars annually in North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. Following his retirement from Pryor in 2000, Phil undertook his theological education at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, where he eventually served as chair of the board of trustees for 5 years, and the University of St. Andrews Distance Learning Program, from which he received a Post Graduate diploma in Bible and the Contemporary World in 2014.

In addition to his service on the Center’s Advisory Board, Phil’s involvement with non-profit leadership includes membership on the Board of Trustees of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, the Board of Directors of Angel Flight Central, a charitable aviation organization, the Advisory Board of the Park University International Center for Music, as well as service as Chair of the Congregational Board of Country Club Christian Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

Phil and his wife, Patty, have two married children and six grandchildren.