2006 Conference

“Crumbs from the Table?” 
September 21-22, 2006

The third annual Sarah Smith Memorial Conference on Moral Leadership featured international leaders from business, development, economics, politics and theology. While much Christian conversation has focused rightly on direct aid, this conference took up the question of why, and especially how, Christians can turn to entrepreneurial ventures as a response to inequality and poverty. We asked how to move beyond offering crumbs to the poor and instead offer them means to gain a chair at the table. 

Tony P. Hall 
United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture 
and former U. S. Representative from Ohio

Vinay Samuel 
Executive Director 
The Oxford Center for Mission Studies, England

Collin R. Timms 
The Guardian Bank, India

Theodore R. Malloch 
Chairman of The Roosevelt Group

Susy Cheston 
Senior Vice President, Opportunity International

Gary Moore
Founder, The Financial Seminary

Dale Hanson Bourke
President, PDI

Miroslav Volf 
Director of Yale Center for Faith & Culture and 
Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology