2008 Conference

“Are We Safe Yet? Vulnerability and Security in an Anxious Age”
September 18-19, 2008

The 2008 Sarah Smith Conference addressed a common concern for all – from global leaders around diplomatic tables to local families around the kitchen table. We asked the simple question, “Are We Safe Yet?” and located the conversation thinking about “Vulnerability and Security in an Anxious Age.”

The conference brought thoughtful engagement regarding the constructive role faith can and does play in public leadership. It is obvious to all that security, as traditionally pursued, comes with an extremely high price, in monetary and human terms. Can we describe means to understand and enact security outside of the typical turn to power dynamics? Can we envision a way to draw upon “vulnerability” positively, rather than viewing it as a liability? In short, the conference asked: how can we envision modes of professional leadership where faith reframes vulnerability and security, opening new possibilities for safety and human flourishing?

The conference, interdisciplinary by design, addressed such pressing questions for those working in the fields of politics, law and divinity, but with direct impact on and participation by those in business, medicine, the media, the academy and in various other spheres of life in society.

Papers and Remarks

Welcoming Remarks, Miroslav Volf

Keynote Lecture, “Moral Leadership and Nuclear Weapons” Sergio de Queiroz Duarte

Response to Keynote Lecture, “An American Christian Response to Ambassador Sergio Duarte’s ‘Moral Leadership and Nuclear Weapons’ ” Rev. Tyler Wigg Stevenson

Breakout Session, “The Significans of Vulnerability in a Time of Crisis” Cmdr. Raag Rolfsen

Background Information

Toward a Nuclear-Free World“ George P. Shultz, William J. Perry, Henry A. Kissinger, and Sam Nunn, The Wall Street Journal, January 15, 2008

A World Free of Nuclear Weapons“ George P. Shultaz, William J. Perry, Henry A. Kissinger, and Sam NunnThe Wall Street Journal, January 4, 2007

Toward a Nuclear-Free World“ Tyler Wigg Stevenson and Jessica WilbanksSojourners, April 2008