Jeppe Hedaa

CEO. 7N.

Jeppe Hedaa is the owner and CEO of 7N, an agency for high-end IT-specialists with headquarters in Denmark. After finishing service as a lieutenant in Her Majesty’s Royal Guard at the age of 19, Jeppe’s entire career has been within IT and management. After working for Olivetti and Amdahl, he purchased 7N in 1998 when it had only 12 employees. Since 1998, Jeppe has led the company through steady expansion in scale and scope. 7N now has over 1,100 employees and consultants working in operations in Denmark, Poland, India, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy and the United States.

Jeppe is also the founder of the think tank, Religion & Society, which serves as a vehicle of communication between the leaders of the Danish religious traditions. The organization’s purpose is to show people that mutual respect and love for your neighbour and building a society for all based on peace and justice are central values for all traditions.  

Jeppe is a member of the church council of the Copenhagen Cathedral - Vor Frue Kirke. As a successful Christian business person in an exceptionally secular country, he is deeply concerned about the need to articulate and share the relevance of the Christian message to the issues of daily life in his home country. This concern, which also motivated his founding of Religion & Society, draws him to the work of YCFC.