Guest Interview Videos

For each of our guests to the Life Worth Living seminar, we conduct an interview on camera at the Yale Broadcast Center. In these interviews, we ask each guest about their tradition’s vision of a life worth living and how their life has been shaped by living through their tradition.

Life Worth Living Guests

Our guests are an essential part of the classroom experience in the Life Worth Living course. Each year, we invite practitioners of various traditions to share with our students their thoughts and experiences of the life worth living that are rooted in their practice. We also produce a video interview with each guest that participates. Click on the guests listed below to view these interviews, and to find out more about each.


Adolescent Faith & Flourishing

The Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Program seeks to advance authentic human flourishing among youth by drawing on the theological insights developed by the Center’s God and Human Flourishing Program to enhance and support transformative Christian youth ministries.

By gathering together religious, academic, and youth ministry leaders, the Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Program will contribute to the application of a revised definition of human flourishing to adolescent life.


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