Student Response

In an anonymous survey, students of the Yale College course were asked to summarize “Life Worth Living” for another student, and to consider whether they would recommend the course to others. Their responses were overwhelmingly positive.

“If I could, I would create enough sections of this class so everyone could take it.”

“AMAZING. Just AMAZING. Please—please—if you get in, take this course. Your soul will regret it if you don’t.” 

“Do you enjoy conversations at dinner or in your suite at 3am about what makes life worth living? Then this class is for you… If I could, I would create enough sections of this class so everyone could take it.”

“This was a wonderful, life-changing, and life-affirming course and I feel so
 deeply lucky to have had the chance to take it… particularly as I embark on my post-Yale career. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to engage seriously and on a very personal level with the big questions of why we’re here and what matters. It was absolutely one of the best courses—and most personally moving—that I’ve taken at Yale.”

“Absolutely take this class! It was so important to my semester and I always looked forward to going to class… The relationships you make with your classmates and professor were a very important part of this class for me.” 

“Don’t leave Yale without taking this course. 

“This is an absolutely incredible course. Definitely apply, and if you get the chance to be in it, TAKE IT… For real, this class changed my life… I wish everybody could take this class!”
“This course is beyond excellent. It teaches you to be mindful of your decisions, interactions, and perceptions in life. If you ever wondered what it is that keeps you going or makes life worth the effort, you’ll find it here. I’d recommend this course to anyone and everyone. Did I mention the retreat? Don’t leave Yale without taking this course.” 

“Over time, I expect this class could become one of the defining classes of Yale.”

“Best class at Yale. Not that I’ve taken all the classes at Yale, but I have little doubt this is the best. Someone described it as Grand Strategy 
for the soul, and I think that’s great. Take it if you want to think about how to live life for real, not like they do in philosophy classes. People speak how they really feel.” 
“The course was one of the most transforming and meaningful courses that I took at Yale. I learnt a lot about the world but mostly about myself, I hope every undergrad gets to take a course like this.” 
“You should go in expecting it to be experiential, and also be prepared to put a lot in and to change. Over time, I expect this class could become one of the defining classes of Yale.”