Hamza Yusuf

Zaytuna College


Often called “the most influential Islamic scholar in the western world,” Hamza Yusuf is the president of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California. He advises Stanford University’s Program in Islamic Studies and the Center for Islamic Studies at Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union. He also serves as vice-president for the Global Center for Guidance and Renewal, which was founded by Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, one of the top jurists of Islamic sciences in the world. Hamza Yusuf’s published books include The Burda, Purification of the Heart, The Content of Character, The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi, Agenda to Change our Condition, Walk on Water, and The Prayer of the Oppressed.

Background Readings: 

Martin Lings, Muhammad44-57

Asad Tarsin, Being Muslim, 1-35, 44-73, 155-163, 217-225

Interview Video: 

In this interview with Miroslav Volf, Hamza Yusuf discusses the contours of a Muslim vision of a life worth living. The topics discussed include the relevance of circumstances to a flourishing life,  the differences apparent between characteristically “modern” and “premodern” societies, and the idea that in relation to God we find the unity of meaning and pleasure.