AFF & YMI Announce Summer Symposium on Joy in the Midst of Suffering

May 12, 2017

YCFC’s Adolescent Faith and Flourishing program (“AFF”), in partnership with the Yale Youth Ministry Institute (“YMI”), has announced this summer’s symposium: “Why Youth Ministry: A Beacon of Joy in the Midst of Suffering.”

The symposium, offered for pastors, youth workers, seminarians, lay leaders and parents, will bring together some of the nation’s leading practical theologians and academic psychologists to address five of the most daunting issues our youth confront today:

1. Broken Families and Family Instability;                                                   

2. Fear Caused by Generational, Ethnic and Racial Divides;                         

3. Depression and Suicide;                                                                   

4. Sexual Behavior and Abuse Issues; and                                                    

5. Violence

We’ll gather in the common room of Yale Divinity School each night from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Monday, June 5 – Friday June 9 for a delicious fellowship dinner, inspiring worship, dynamic lectures, and generative conversations as we learn about these challenging issues with and from one another.

AFF and YMI will heavily subsidize this remarkable program so that the cost of the entire week of fellowship meals and lectures is only $50. Please register today and join us this June!