Matt Croasmun Talks Life Worth Living on “Can These Bones” Podcast

April 18, 2018

Matthew Croasmun, Associate Research Scholar at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, was recently a guest on the Duke Divinity School podcast, “Can These Bones” to discuss the Center’s  Yale undergraduate course, Life Worth Living. Matt and co-hosts Laura Everett and Bill Lamar discussed Christian generosity to other traditions, breaking barriers between the intellectual and the religious, and why Matt serves as an adviser to Yale’s secular humanist group.


“Because of my Christian convictions, it’s really important to me that the classroom be an open environment in which anyone, wherever they’re coming from, can approach each of these traditions and really hear them honestly and charitably, and give each tradition its fair hearing. But again, I don’t do that despite my Christian convictions—I do that because of my Christian convictions. Because of who I know Jesus to be, I understand part of my love of neighbor to extend to that intellectual generosity that I want to offer to my students and to the authors and the traditions that we engage in the class.”



Listen to the podcast.