Our Largest Life Worth Living Cohort Yet!

April 17, 2019

This spring, over 100 students participated in our flagship Life Worth Living course at Yale College. We had seven instructors leading their seminars through questions of meaning, purpose and the good life, acting as guides across eight major faith and philosophical traditions.

In February, students and instructors gathered at a serene retreat center in Connecticut for a retreat focused on getting to know each other, their pasts and future dreams, in order to build trust for the journey ahead. Guest lecturers this spring have included a leader in the Effective Altruism movement, one of the nation’s first female orthodox Rabbis (and an alumna of the Life Worth Living course!), a Christian poet and lecturer at Yale, and a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

We also, for the first time, had two Yale doctoral students serve as members of the Life Worth Living teaching team: YCFC doctoral fellows, Ryan Darr and Janna Gonwa. Ryan and Janna are each graduating this year and will be taking their Life Worth Living teaching experience with them to their next posts: Ryan as a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton and Janna as faculty at Gannon University.