Sheffield Adopts YCFC’s Life Worth Living Course

September 30, 2016

The University of Sheffield today announced a partnership bringing the ‘Life Worth Living’ course, developed by the Yale Center for Faith & Culture, to the University of Sheffield.

Pioneered by the Director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture, Miroslav Volf, and Center scholar Ryan McAnnally-Linz and offered in the Humanities Program, the Yale course explores the question of what makes for a flourishing life. A question which once came pre-answered—by culture, by religion, by tradition—now must be asked and answered by individuals: What is the good life? What does it mean to live a flourishing life?

This class draws upon a range of philosophical and religious traditions to help students develop habits of reflection that will equip them for the life-long process of discerning the good life. The class offered at Sheffield employs the same approach and teaches the same content as the one pioneered at Yale: in addition to seminar readings from the foundational texts of each tradition, the course engages guest practitioners of the various traditions examined in order to invite students to reflect on their own worldview and approach to the questions under consideration.

Dr C. A. (Casey) Strine, Lecturer in Ancient Near Eastern History and Literature at Sheffield, remarked that ‘this is a wonderful opportunity for our students to engage critically with one of the fundamental questions of life.’ He believes that ‘students are yearning to know how their study connects with everyday life, and this class responds to that desire directly. I couldn’t be more excited to teach the class.’

Dr Matthew Croasmun, Lecturer of Divinity and Humanities at Yale University and Director of the Life Worth Living Program for the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, said ‘we’re very excited to share our experience teaching this class with Sheffield and to work together with them to develop its shape and content further.’ Such an international partnership between elite institutions from the Ivy League and the Russell Group, continued Croasmun, ‘underscores that education does not have to be about just means (about how to make things happen in the world), but can be about ends (about what is worth pursuing to begin with). The goal of this class is to equip students to ask bigger and better questions.’

The Yale Center for Faith and Culture exists to critically examine and promote practices of faith which advance authentic human flourishing and the global common good. The Yale Humanities program brings world-class scholars and undergraduates together in pursuit of fundamental insights into the human condition as they arise in literature, the arts, history, philosophy and the sciences.

More information about the Life Worth Living program can be found here.

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