Summer Institute for Mutual Respect

Each summer the Reconciliation Program co-sponsors, along with Pathways for Mutual Respect, the Summer Institute for Mutual Respect , which brings together emerging leaders across cultural and religious boundaries to pursue peace and mutual respect among individuals and communities in contexts including global Christianity and Islam.  The Summer Institute is a professional and academic development institute that infuses relevant scholarship with hands-on leadership training.  The unique curriculum is designed to equip emerging leaders, especially those of faith communities or whose work relates to religion and faith, to proactively engage intercultural relations, address potential tensions and catalyze reconciliation efforts within their home communities and beyond.

Since 2009, the Summer Institute has been developing, training, and supporting leaders in their efforts to build flourishing communities and sustainable peace within diverse religious and cultural landscapes.  The participants not only hail from various countries and cultures around the world but also hold diverse religious and non-religious commitments.  Participants engage in classroom seminars, lively group discussions, role-play exercises, simulations, fieldwork, and other activities that promote mutual understanding and develop practical skills for intercultural reconciliation. Scholars from Yale and other educational and religious institutions provide thought-provoking and stimulating lectures, challenging participants to examine material from fresh angles.  Past lecturers have included Mahmoud Ayoub (Hartford Seminary), Frank Griffel (Yale), Sallama Shaker (Yale), David Shenk (Mennonite Church), Yasir Qadhi (Al Maghrib Institute), MIroslav Volf (Yale), and Joseph Cumming (Yale).

For more information on the Summer Institute, please visit Pathways for Mutual Respect.