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The mission of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture is to critically examine and promote practices of faith which advance authentic human flourishing and the global common good.



N. T. Wright and Miroslav Volf
September 29, 2014
Professor of New Testament and Ancient Christianity at the University of St. Andrews N.T. Wright talks with Miroslav Volf about celebrating joy. Wright outlines that the...
Photo of Miroslav Volf
September 26, 2014
What’s the relationship among religion, politics and conflict in a globalized world? Three challenging words form a challenging question. But Founding Director of the Yale...
Jürgen Moltmann
September 24, 2014
In a world where joy seems to be an elusive experience, German theologian and Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at Tübingen University, Jürgen Moltmann, redirects our...
July 31, 2014
You may have seen an article recently by William Deresiewicz, provocatively titled “Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League.” The piece has cluttered my inbox and my...
June 6, 2014
Cut Dead But Still Alive: Caring for African American Young Men Dr. Gregory Ellison, II explores the ways in which caregivers can sow seeds of life into the minds of young...