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Becoming Whole in a Fragmented Age

Imagine a future that brings personal and communal wholeness, a commitment to truth even when it hurts, and the beauty of pursuing integration in the wake of fragmentation. Anne Snyder joins Evan Rosa to talk about her vision and hopes for a whole-person revolution that honors our moral complexity, holds us accountable to virtue, and seeks a robust form of love in public life. In this conversation they discuss: the meaning of wholeness and what it could mean to become a whole person; the importance of character, virtue, and moral formation; our need to come to terms with violence—listening to the language of threat and safety and preservation and protection; tribalism, fear, and moral realities; the ideas at the root of democracy; the connection between cynicism, distrust, and a feeling of threat and need to survive; and Anne describes a hard-won wholeness rooted in a sober and persevering hope that doesn’t die.

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Our purpose is to help people envision and pursue lives worthy of our humanity. We see theology as a way of life seeking understanding. Our work takes its shape in research, teaching, and public engagement expressed through two initiatives: Christ & Flourishing & Life Worth Living.

Christ & Flourishing

What it means to be human and how to flourish are hotly contested in our world. We believe that Jesus Christ is the key to human flourishing, and that his life and work can revitalize and transform Christian higher education, the church, and through them, the world.

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Life Worth Living

What is the shape of flourishing life? Life Worth Living equips students, educators, and the public for the lifelong process of discerning, articulating, and pursuing the good life through engaging the world’s philosophical and religious traditions.

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About Our Founder & Director

Miroslav Volf

Founder & Director, Yale Center for Faith & Culture

The Yale Center for Faith & Culture is led by theologian Miroslav Volf, the Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology at Yale Divinity School. He is author/editor of more than 20 books, including Exclusion & Embrace—which was named one of the best 100 books of the twentieth century—as well as A Public Faith: On How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good, Allah: A Christian Response,and most recently, For the Life of the World: Theology That Makes a Difference.

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christ & flourishing

Explore human flourishing through Christian theology.

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life worth living

Engage in truth-seeking pluralism and the pursuit of meaning & purpose.

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