We seek a world in which everyone can take hold of a life worthy of our humanity.

Our purpose is to help people envision and pursue lives worthy of our humanity, through discerning, articulating, and commending visions of flourishing in light of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and fostering truth-seeking conversations among the contending visions in our world today.

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The Team
A photo of Miroslav Volf, Founder & Director.

Miroslav Volf

Founder & Director, Yale Center for Faith & Culture

Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology


We seek a world in which deep reflection on flourishing life is central to education, spiritual formation, and public discourse so that every person can wrestle with life’s most important questions and take hold of a life worthy of our humanity.

virtues & Values

We aspire to these virtues and values in our personal lives; we hope our work exemplifies them; and we seek to instill them among all of our audiences.


  • Love of God, and therefore, love of the world and love of knowledge
  • Love of interlocutors, especially opponents
  • Hope beyond understanding
  • Courage: a readiness to suffer for love’s sake
  • Gratitude and humility: “What do you have that you did not receive?”
  • Firmness with a soft touch: neither rigidity or frivolity
  • Faithfulness: living, dynamic, and improvisational


  • Theological education
  • Formation of the whole person
  • Principled pluralism, truth-seeking public discourse
  • Pedagogical excellence and experimentation
  • Justice & the global common good
  • Embrace of the other: the neighbor, the stranger, the enemy
  • Between persons, porous boundaries and flexible identities
  • Forgiveness & reconciliation


Leaf, concrete

Life Worth Living

Reviving dialogue with a diversity of world faiths and wisdom traditions to ask life's most important question: What is the shape of flourishing life?

Collage, hands, woman, Jesus Christ

Christ & Flourishing

What it means to be human and how to flourish are hotly contested in our world. We believe that Jesus Christ is the key to human flourishing, and that his life and work can revitalize and transform Christian higher education, the church, and through them, the world.