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Christ & Flourishing

Theology and education rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ, the key to human flourishing.

We live in a time of contested humanity. Underneath our most strident and embattled conversations, lie confusion and anxiety about these fundamentally theological questions:

What does it mean to be human?

Whose humanity matters?

What kind of life is worthy of our humanity?

The troubling state of current political and cultural discourse reveals the instability and precarity of our ability to grapple with the most difficult questions facing human life. Today’s most prevalent accounts of human flourishing have been caught in paradigms imposed by consumer culture, redirecting interest from the transcendent God to human beings and their mundane affairs, and replacing love of God and neighbor with a self-defeating concern for our own experiential satisfaction. Together, we must turn our attention to exploring an understanding of our humanity and what it means to flourish.

Courses & Programming

Podcast: For the Life of the World

A weekly podcast about seeking and living a life worthy of our humanity, featuring theologians, philosophers, cultural commentators, and public intellectuals.

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Christ & Being Human

A Yale Divinity School seminar that explores how Jesus Christ informs visions of human life and practices that promote human flourishing in today’s world.

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Revitalizing Christian Higher Education

A Pedagogy Fellowship with a mission to evaluate, develop, and scale coursework that deepens engagement with Christ across institutions of Christian higher education.

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Consultations & Interviews

"There are not many classes like this one at Yale Divinity School. It was thoroughly theological while being completely practical. It developed my intellectual ability and my personal faith ... One of the best courses at YDS."
Yale Divinity Student / Christ & Being Human 2019
Through our Christ & Flourishing initiative, the Yale Center for Faith & Culture is building a movement founded on the conviction that Jesus Christ is the path and the paradigm of our shared humanity.

Rooted in the conviction that right relation to God is integral to human beings’ highest flourishing, the Christ & Flourishing initiative aims to develop and promote a new cultural apologetic rooted in the portrait of humanity’s proper relation to God found in the life and person of Jesus Christ.

We built this initiative on the conviction that Jesus is the paradigm of living a life that is worthy of our humanity. This is the substance of our hope for the world and the foundation of our mission to foster truth-seeking conversations across the deep lines of difference that divide us today.

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Collage, hands, woman, Jesus Christ

Next Primary Initiative

Life Worth Living

Reviving dialogue with a diversity of world faiths and wisdom traditions to ask life's most important question: What is the shape of flourishing life?


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Since 2003, we have been dedicated to building bridges of religious, political, and cultural discourse, fostering truth-seeking conversations, and impacting change in individual and community life. Find out about our past initiatives.