So much is happening and our society has rules where we often check our deepest meaning systems at the door. This works until a year like this year when we need to draw on much deeper resources, and we want a way to connect as a community. This group seems committed to softening those isolating norms, and showing us all what that could look like to do so with love and respect.


October 5, 2020

A thought provoking and engaging podcast

I found this podcast through an interview between Miroslav Volf and N. T. Wright.I was particularly interested in that conversation, but soon realized how how vast a treasure trove this podcast library was.

I am constantly challenged by this content, and always look forward to tuning in to the next episode. I have yet to be disappointed.


May 3, 2021

Suffering Love

I have been seeking a new theology for understanding of my second widowhood. Listening to the podcast on the Virgin of the Passion introduced me to the icon and the Virgin herself as a source of connection and of inspiration. Her suffering love brought me a sense of solidarity but also of hope. Not only am I understood but I have an ongoing ministry.

Elizabeth HJS

January 21, 2023



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