About Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith received her degree in religion from Yale Divinity School and gave talks, seminars, and retreats across the country. She was the plenary speaker for a Methodist jurisdiction, the laity session keynote speaker for two annual conferences, selected as layperson of the year by the Council of Churches and Synagogues, and nominated as a delegate to the World Conference of Methodism in Río de Janeiro. Sarah was also the author of Mid-Life: Coming Home. She lived in Connecticut with her husband and three sons.

Content & Programming

Are We Safe Yet?

Security, as traditionally pursued, comes with an extremely high price, in monetary and human terms. How can we envision modes of leadership where faith reframes vulnerability and security, opening new possibilities for safety and human flourishing?

Crumbs from the Table?

Shifting the focus from direct aid to entrepreneurial ventures as responses to inequality and poverty, we asked how to move beyond offering crumbs to the poor and instead offer them means to gain a chair at the table.

Religiously Incorrect?

Does the practice of faith require the articulation of faith? Judicial, business, academic, and faith leaders addressed navigating the difficult terrain of religion in the public sphere.

A Crisis of Trust

Trust is central to the functioning of all spheres of life. This interdisciplinary conference integrated insights from a wide variety of fields, including theology, philosophy, business, and politics.

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