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Episode Summary

Cutting-edge global dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

In late 2007 Muslim leaders from around the world together issued in the pages of The New York Times an open letter to Christian leaders inviting cooperation as a step toward peace. That letter, "A Common Word between Us and You," acknowledged real differences between the two faiths but nonetheless contended that "righteousness and good works" should be the only areas in which they compete. The 138 signatories included over a dozen grand muftis, an ayatollah, and a Jordanian prince, and the document was widely considered a groundbreaking step toward reconciliation between Islam and Christianity—two major religions with a great deal in common.

That original letter and a collaborative Christian response—"Loving God and Neighbor Together"—both appear in this remarkable volume. Building on those original momentous documents,mon Word further includes subsequent commentary and dialogue between Muslim and Christian scholars addressing critical and frequently asked questions. All in all, this eventful bok encapsulates a brave and encouraging move toward harmony and accord between two world religions so often seen to be at odds.

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