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Episode Summary

A compelling summons to active Christian love in a culture stripped of grace.

Miroslav Volf's writing beautifully points away from the pettiness and selfishness so prominent in our culture today and toward the love that Christians are called to exemplify. His insights in this volume will inform and inspire all who wish to follow that path of love.

"All the essays comprising this book urge Christians to reflect in our lives the love that God is. Whether I write about God or the self; about my sons, presidents and their advisors, or popes; whether I discuss churches, activist communities, or other religions; whether I analyze culture, business, or politics; whether I reflect about old enmities or new alliances, about past wrongs or future hopes, about joyful feasts or mournful funerals—everything in this book is about how to make determined steps toward love." (from the introduction)

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