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In this provocative new contribution to public theology, Miroslav Volf and Matthew Croasmun explain that theology's renewal is crucial to help us articulate compelling visions of the good life, find our way through the maze of contested questions of value, and answer the fundamental question of what makes life worth living.

The question of what makes life worth living is more vital now than ever. In today's pluralistic, post-secular world, universal values are dismissed as mere matters of private opinion, and the question of what constitutes flourishing life--for ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet as a whole—is neglected in our universities, our churches, and our culture at large. Although we increasingly have technology to do almost anything, we have little sense of what is truly worth accomplishing.

In this provocative new contribution to public theology, world-renowned theologian Miroslav Volf (named "America's New Public Intellectual" by Scot McKnight on his Jesus Creed blog) and Matthew Croasmun explain that the intellectual tools needed to rescue us from our present malaise and meet our new cultural challenge are the tools of theology. A renewal of theology is crucial to help us articulate compelling visions of the good life, find our way through the maze of contested questions of value, and answer the fundamental question of what makes life worth living.


"In this timely and compelling book, Volf and Croasmun issue a clarion call for theologians, broadly understood, to articulate and live into a theology focused on how as humans we might cultivate forms of flourishing life as revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The book recovers an ancient vision of theology as a way of life while being attentive to the internal and external challenges theology must address if it is to declare good news to the contemporary context."

—Luke Bretherton, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke Divinity School

"Does anyone listen to theologians anymore? Theology is in something of a crisis with a dwindling audience and a reputation for irrelevance, both inside and outside the church, yet the church (and perhaps even the world) cannot survive long without theology. In this book, Volf and Croasmun make a bold and compelling proposal for a reorientation of the theological task to refocus it around articulating a Christian vision of flourishing life. This is a vitally important book for anyone interested in and committed to the future of theology, done for the sake of the church—and the world."

—Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington; president, St. Mellitus College

"The vision for theology presented here is simple but not easy. Volf and Croasmun think our task as theologians is to be about the flourishing not only of the academy or the church but also of all peoples. Their work is tested in the hard laboratory of professors' classrooms and church planters' living rooms. I challenge you to read this book and not come away encouraged, enlightened, and renewed for our task of contemplating God for the good of humanity. So much of what passes for theology dies in intramural food fights and name calling. This book calls us to a task more urgent, more dangerous, and more life-giving by far than that."

—Jason Byassee, Vancouver School of Theology; author, most recently, of Psalms 101-150 (Brazos Press)

"For the Life of the World is the perfect riposte both to critics like Richard Dawkins who say that Christian theology is good for nothing and to theologians who are so focused on God that they overlook the world. Volf and Croasmun argue that theology makes a difference precisely because it is about human flourishing. This is a brave and bracing proposal to rethink theology's role and relevance by recovering its original concern with the fundamental question of human existence: How do we live a flourishing life with others in this world, the home of God?"

—Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"This fascinating 'manifesto' reminds us all that theology can only matter if it engages what matters. While their book is directed to theologians, it asks questions so fundamental to human life, and in language so ordinary and pellucid, that many people who are not at all theologians may find themselves caught up in this text. Which is, of course, their point. Highly recommended."

—Charles Mathewes, University of Virginia

"Volf and Croasmun articulate with breathtaking clarity the urgency and weight of genuine theology. Our world's skepticism about the reality of transcendence makes theological work more important even as it becomes less prestigious. This is can't-miss reading."

—John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Church; author of I'd Like You More If You Were More Like Me

"This is a timely work with which theologians across the spectrum need to contend—and there will be some contention. Volf and Croasmun mince no words in calling contemporary theologians to task for neglecting to offer theology that matters for the world. They want to persuade us that theologians have a calling to fulfill and they want to see theologians begin to fulfill this calling, now. Along the way they offer incisive analysis on how the conditions of contemporary Western culture affect our lives, our universities, our churches, our very ability to find meaning. I would have loved to have a book like this to expand my imagination for what theology could be as I was first discovering theology; I'm grateful to have it now."

—Kristen Johnson, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan

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