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Episode Summary

Miroslav Volf discusses identity, exclusion, and embrace with Lauren Green of Fox News.

"Religion is most dangerous when it is superficial—when it serves to mark my identity as belonging to a different group than you. And when it's a tool in a politician's hands to legitimize their power. Then they just use religion to mark and to validate what they want to do in any case. And that ends up being really a kind of desacralization of faith. That which is holy has been completely turned to a means of a secular, profane end that bears no relation to the content of that which is holy."

Lauren Green, Chief Religion Correspondent at Fox News, interviews Miroslav Volf for her podcast, Lighthouse Faith. They discuss his book Exclusion & Embrace, his views on sin, racism, identity, religion and power, forgiveness, and the will to embrace.

This episode contains an interview, reproduced in its entirety, between Lauren Green and Miroslav Volf, which originally appeared here. Used with permission from Fox News Radio.

Show Notes

  • Lauren Green, Lighthouse Faith
  • Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace
  • Creating subhuman terms leads to justified oppression.
  • Christianity is a law of love.
  • The spirit of exclusion
  • Responding as a Christian to violence around us.
  • Exclusion and Embrace is born out of this attempt to respond Christianly to the world around us.
  • Ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia.
  • Two prodigal sons.
  • Contemporary America through the lens of exclusion.
  • Sin as transpersonal and personal.
  • Exclusion as domination.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Letter from a Birmingham Jail
  • Religion is most dangerous when it is superficial.
  • The will to embrace.
  • Opening oneself up to experience something that might seem scary and unacceptable, but is a journey full of hope.
  • The importance of forgiveness.
  • Discover what is beautiful within someone who is different than you.

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