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Episode Summary

Part 4 of a 5-part book club series produced and hosted by Kelly Corrigan, Life Worth Living: A Guide to What Matters Most. Featuring Kate Bowler and Claire Danes. The three discuss the morality of buying and consumption, responsibility, failure, changing your mind, the meaning of an apology, and beauty of forgiveness.

Episode Notes

Show Notes

About Kelly Corrigan

Kelly Corrigan has written four New York Times bestselling memoirs in the last decade, earning her the title of “The Poet Laureate of the ordinary” from the Huffington Post and the “voice of a generation” from O Magazine.  She is curious and funny and eager to go well past the superficial in every conversation.  More on

Production Notes

  • This episode featured Kelly Corrigan, Kate Bowler, and Claire Danes
  • Edited and Produced by Evan Rosa
  • Hosted by Evan Rosa
  • Production Assistance by Macie Bridge, Kaylen Yun, and Logan Ledman
  • Special thanks to Tammy Stedman, Kelly Corrigan, and the Warren Smoot Carter III and Meagan Carter Charitable Fund
  • A Production of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture at Yale Divinity School
  • Support For the Life of the World podcast by giving to the Yale Center for Faith & Culture:

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